Reiki Attunement Workshop

This is a workshop structured around Reiki attunements. The workshop will be instructed by Reiki Master Rev. Siara Stakkland and Reiki Master Dagmar Susser. Reiki will include teaching the diverse and fundamental practice and methods of Reiki with a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.

Reiki is taught differently from other healing techniques. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm and foot chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.

Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, also self -treatment, practice using Reiki symbols including distant healing, and practice using Reiki Techniques. The Teacher will attune each student to receive Reiki symbols upon completion and understanding of Reiki symbols.

The Reiki attunement usually begins a cleansing process that affects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions. Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thought patterns that are no longer useful. Therefore, a process of purification prior to the attunement is recommended to improve the benefit one receives.

Preparing for an Attunement

In order to receive greater results during an attunement, a process of purification is highly recommended. This will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for your highest good.

  1. The following steps are optional. Follow them if you feel guided to do so.
  2. Refrain from eating any meat or fish for three days prior to the attunement. These foods often contain contaminants from drugs in the form of various toxins in the form of pesticides and heavy metals that make your system sluggish and throw it out of balance.
  3.  With permission from your health care provider and if you are in good health to sustain a water or juice fast for one to three days especially if you already are a vegetarian or have experience with fasting.
  4. Minimize your use of coffee and caffeine drinks or stop completely. They create imbalances in the nervous and endocrine systems. Use no caffeine drinks on the day of the attunement.
  5. Use no alcohol or recreational drugs for at least three days prior to the attunement.
  6. Minimize or stop using sweets. Eat no chocolate.
  7.  If you smoke, try to refrain or at least cut back, and smoke as little as possible on the day of the attunement.
  8. Meditate an hour a day for a least a week using a style you are familiar with or simply spend this time in silence and relaxing breaths.
  9.  Reduce or eliminate time watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers.
  10. Go for quiet walks, spend time with nature, and get moderate exercise.
  11.  Give more attention and awareness to the subtle impressions and sensations within and around; contemplate their meaning.
  12.  Release all anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry, etc. up to the light. Create a sacred space within and around you.
  13. While Reiki is not a religion, you may prepare your mind with intention to work and pray in a spiritual mode comfortable in order for you to prepare and open to higher spiritual energies and experiences.

We look forward in sharing with you an experience that will last you a lifetime in your wonderful journey called life….