Due to the nature of our work, there are often lots of questions. We have created this frequently asked questions page to help answer some of the more common questions. Don't see what you are looking for below? Please contact us and we look forward to helping!


  • What is Electrolysis?

    Electrolysis is the science of permanent hair removal utilizing probe devices. A fine sterile probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a small amount of electrical energy is discharged which destroys the hair growth tissue.
    When this is performed by a competent, trained Electrologist, the regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eliminated.

  • Is Electrolysis painful?

    Most of our clients comment that Electrolysis was not as bad as they had heard. The best way we can describe the sensation, is to compare it to the sensation of a hair being plucked out. This is not a comfortable sensation but most would agree that it is hardly unbearable.

    Having said that, it is impossible to destroy hair growth tissue without sensation because each hair follicle is surrounded by its own network of nerve endings. The sensation, which may be felt, is assurance that destructive activity is taking place. Even though some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, adjustments can be made which may help to make the treatment more comfortable.

    Compared to laser, Electrolysis is a walk in the park. Many equate the feeling of laser to the snapping of a hard rubber band against the skin. They often fail to mention that the snapping is continuous for several seconds for each application. Don't be fooled when they tell you their laser is equipped with a special "cooling plate". The pain described above is after the use of the "Cooing Plate". Each application treats an are approximately 1.5 square inches at a time so several applications are needed to treat a large area. This may not be so bad if it actually worked. Often clients are told they will need additional laser treatments and then will need to finish with Electrolysis.

  • How long does Electrolysis take?

    The number of treatments required varies with each client. Those clients that adhere to the recommended treatment schedule usually accomplish their hair removal goals between 12 to 18 months. Some improvement should be observed within several months after beginning treatment, provided the patient adheres to the recommended treatment schedule.

    Factors such as hair growth cycles, the quantity and structure of hair, previous use of temporary hair removal methods, heredity, hormone function, normal physiologic changes, certain medications and stress may influence the treatment program. It is very important to adhere to the recommended treatment program set up by your Electrologist. Those who do so will achieve permanent results in the shortest time frame.

  • How long does Electrolysis last?

    Hair treated properly by Electrolysis will never grow back. Hormonal issues later in life may cause new hair to grow especially for women around the lip and chin. These are new follicles that did not produce hair in the past and therefore could not have been treated. Remember that only hair that has broken through the skin can be permanently treated.
  • Does Electrolysis damage the skin?

    When Electrolysis is administered by a competent electrologist using modern equipment and current techniques, there should be no visible skin damage.

    Immediately following treatment, there may be a slight redness and/or swelling which usually disappears within a few hours. Occasionally, small whiteheads or tiny scabs may occur. It is important to remember that scabs are a part of the normal healing process and will not cause any permanent damage if they are not picked off.

    At Melange Spa, we discuss with you specific post treatment care to promote proper healing.

  • Is electrolysis really the only method of permanent hair removal?


    Many unethical claims are being made that Laser has been approved as permanent by the FDA.Laser has not been approved for performance! Don't take our word for it, here is a link to the FDA page spelling out the facts. According to the FDA, Laser is not not permitted to advertise as permanent or painless (laser is extremely painful).

    What attracts people to laser is it's supposed speed. Laser, however often requires 5-8 treatments spaced 4-5 weeks apart from each other. This means your into the process for 8 months before you even begin Electrolysis. Had these clients been properly educated they could have spent less money, had more comfort and received truly permanent results.

    Electrolysis is the only scientifically proven method of permanent hair removal. Temporary methods such as laser, shaving, tweezing, depilatories and waxing, require frequent time consuming maintenance. Skin irritations, ingrown hairs, discoloration, and scarring may result. Some of these methods even contribute to an increase in hair growth activity.

    We constantly monitor the progress of other methods in order to stay on top of our field. When another method is able to demonstrate effective results without harming our clients, we will be glad to offer it.

  • Are all hairs eliminated in one treatment or is regrowth to be expected?

    Deep, coarse hairs cannot always be eliminated with one treatment; thus, breaking down the hair germ cells may require additional treatments. Remember also that only hair that is visible (meaning emerged through the skin) can be treated. Due to the cyclical nature of hair growth, new hairs as well as hairs emerging from a dormant phase will also require additional visits to achieve true permanence.
  • How do I choose a good Electrologist?

    Choosing the right Electrologist can save you from a costly mistake. Here are some common things to look for when choosing an Electrologist.
  • What is the normal growth cycle of a hair?

    All hairs have differing cycles of growth and are not visible on the surface of the skin at the same time. Hair normally grows for its usual cycle and then naturally sheds and replaces itself. Following active growing periods, most hair follicles go into a dormant stage. The period of dormancy may last for an indefinite period of time, however, replacement hairs usually appear within 3 to 12 months. The appearance of these coarse replacement hairs from dormant hair follicles should not be mistaken as regrowth from previously treated follicles.
  • Do Electrologists follow appropriate Infection Control Precautions?

    They certainly should!

    The American Electrology Association (AEA) with the assistance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) developed national Infection Control Standards which include sterilization of all electrology instruments. At Melange Spa, we use new pre-sterilized disposable probes for every treatment and sterilize all instruments using autoclave sterilization.

    If you are currently receiving electrolysis, be sure to verify the operator is using an autoclave since this is the only method of sterilization approved by the department of health. Universal Precautions also dictate strict hand-washing (preferably in your presence) and use of a fresh pair of disposable gloves for each patient.

  • Can unwanted hair be removed from anywhere on the body?

    Unwanted hair can be safely removed from most body areas. The most common areas include the hairline, bridge of nose, eyebrows, upper and lower lip, cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck, shoulders, arms and underarms, breasts, abdomen, bikini line, legs back and chest. The inside of the ears and nose should not be treated.
  • Can women begin or continue Electrolysis treatments during pregnancy?

    Although electrology has never been proven harmful to pregnant women, we suggest that you seek the advice of your physician before beginning treatment.
  • Who receives Electrolysis?

    You are not alone if you are embarrassed by unwanted hair. As many as 90% of men and women may be affected by unsightly hair.

    Clients who are men average in age between 27-45. These men tend to seek treatment for either their tragi(ear) back or eyebrows. Many men are finding it practical to have their beard permanently shaped using Electrolysis because of it's comfort and our operators ability to sculpt the shape to the clients desire.

    Many clients are women averaging in age between 35-55 years old. These women tend to seek Electrolysis for permanent hair removal for their upper lip, chin, eyebrow sculpting, bikini-lines and underarms. Most of our female clients have achieved permanence in the area for which they first sought treatment and have moved on to new areas.

  • Can hairs be removed from moles?

    State licensing laws and/or some general liability insurance policies may prohibit removal of hair from moles.

Eyelash Extensions

  • What are eyelash extensions?

    Not to be confused with the self-stick strip falsies or individual clusters of lashes knotted together that are a single-event accessory, these semi-permanent, synthetic extensions are glued one by one onto the natural lash (not the skin) by using a specially formulated glue that last 2-4 weeks. Single synthetic eyelashes are applied to your own natural eyelash to achieve a beautiful full luscious and long set of lashes that are natural and you won't even know they are there.
  • Should I be careful who applies the eyelash extensions and should they be trained?

    Absolutely, we cannot stress the importance of choosing an eyelash technician who has been taught by a qualified and experienced person. There are many eyelash extension operators who are claiming to have been professionally trained but have been self taught via the internet and these operators are also using poor quality products.Please do your research thoroughly and ask many questions. I am a certified lash technician.
  • Who wears eyelash extensions?

    You don't have to be a celebrity or model to wear eyelash extensions. Normal everyday ladies love eyelash extensions and can't bear to be without them. Many clients include nurses, beauty therapists, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, financial advisers, moms, detectives, dancers, business owners, nail technicians, forensic chemists, university students, hairdressers, police women and many more wonderful people.
  • How long do they last?

    Approximately 2-4 weeks if you respect your new lashes and take care of them.

    Remember this is a semi-permanent beauty procedure. Do not be duped by those who promise “permanent” extensions or attachments that last for 2+ months. A real lash’s life cycle is around 25-28 days, and as yours grow and fall out, so will the synthetic ones that are attached.

    If your hair and nails grow quickly then that may indicate that your lashes also are growing, shedding and renewing themselves quickly so you may find that your lashes will not last as long as someone whose hair growth is slow.

    Your lifestyle and what work you do will also make a difference how long they last. A ladies lashes working in the food industry where there is a lot of heat, steam and oil may not last as well as a lady who works in an air conditioned office. Eyelash extensions will not last for three months, this is false advertising by salons and inexperienced people.

  • How are the eyelash extensions applied?

    A single natural eyelash is isolated and a synthetic or mink lash is glued to the top of your own natural eyelash approximately 1mm from the eyelid, so neither the glue or the lash has contact with the skin.
  • How long does the application take?

    The procedure will take approximately 80-120 minutes for a full set, approximately 40-80 minutes for a half set and 1 hour for an in-fill. It is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration so therefore it should not be rushed so that clients can leave with a perfect set of lashes. You relax with your eyes closed and there is no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure. Often clients are so relaxed they fall asleep.
  • Can I do eyelash extensions myself?

    No. Eyelash extensions can only be applied by a trained professional.
  • How are the lower lashes held down?

    At the Melange Spa it is important that our clients are comfortable therefore, we use soft under eye pads specifically designed for eyelash extensions. We never use surgical tape or lash tint paper which are uncomfortable for the client.
  • Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?

    No, definitely not. This is a myth. Clients have constantly had extensions applied with no break and they have never encountered their lashes all falling off. It is important to have your lash extensions applied by a qualified operator who uses to quality product. The eyelash has a cycle and are constantly being replaced like your hair. If you pull so hard on an extension lash and pull out your own natural lash there will be no new lash ready to grow to take its place and you will have to wait 6-8 weeks for that lash to grow.
  • Can I still wear eye makeup?

    Yes, but you won’t need mascara and you may even find you won’t need eyeliner, but you can still use eyeliner and eye shadows as usual but remember to remove with a product that does not contain oil of any kind as this will affect the glue.

    A client may remove eyeliner and eyeshadow using a damp cotton ball and a small amount of eye make-up remover and gently running it along the eyeliner to remove it. To remove eyeshadow wet a cotton wipe and eye make-up remover and gently remove eye shadow in a side and upward movement not down onto the eyelash extensions.

    Wiping down towards the lashes will cause a build up of makeup on the lashes and may lessen the life of them.

  • Can I wear mascara?

    You won’t have to. You can roll out of bed looking great and best of all it will make your lashes look like you’re wearing mascara 24/7 without the clumping, streaking and smudging look that you get with mascara. No more running and streaking mascara. This is fantastic for brides on their special day. If desired, you can wear a non-waterproof mascara on the lower lashes, but remember to use an eye makeup remover that is oil-free.
  • Can I curl or perm eyelash extensions?

    No, do not perm your beautiful new eyelash extensions. This is not need because the extension lashes hold their lovely shape. Using a clamp eyelash curler is not recommended and will lessen the life of your eyelash extensions and perhaps damage them. You can however use a heated eyelash curler but do not over use it only using it when necessary.
  • I had eyelash extensions applied a few days ago and a few lashes have fallen out - why?

    As explained above the lash has a growth cycle and unfortunately it is hard to determine which lash is ready to fall out naturally so it is unpredictable when applying the synthetic lashes.

    Each day we can loose 3-5 natural lashes, but often they fall out unnoticed unless they fall into your eye, but when eyelash extensions are applied we are more aware of when they shed as we know the extensions are there plus they are longer, darker and thicker. If you sleep on your stomach with your face squashed into the pillow or you favor sleeping on one side you may notice the lashes may not last as well as the other side.

  • What are fills, why do I need them and how often do I need them?

    Fills are when the natural eyelash has fallen out (due to the eyelash cycle) and there has been an extension lash applied to it. You will require in-fills every 2-4 weeks if you would like to achieve a constantly full fresh set of lashes. We take the time to remove any eyelash extensions that have either grown out too far or are not sitting correctly. For fill bookings allow approximately 1 hour.
  • Can I open my eyes during the procedure?

    Yes, but please advise your technician before you open your eyes as two sharp tweezers are used when applying the lashes.
  • Do the synthetic eyelashes come in different lengths and thickness?

    Yes, Lengths available are 5mm - 15mm, in black and colored lashes in purple, navy, pink, red and green used as highlight amongst the black lashes in "J" curl.

    Now available and extremely popular with clients are the thicker .20mm and .25mm thick lashes. We also use "C" and "D" lashes. The thicker lashes are artfully placed along the lash line.

    Specialty lashes are now very popular in Y lashes which create double the amount of lashes giving the look of thickness and volume.

    During the application a mixture of lengths and thicknesses are used - shorter lashes being used on the inner eye area and gradually increasing in length towards the middle and outer corners. Unlike other eyelash extension operators who only stock three lengths, we understand that not one size fits all so we apply what our clients request and we tailor make to suit each individual client. If you have a specific request or look please discuss this with your eyelash extension technician on the day of your appointment.

  • Do I have to get a full set of eyelash extensions?

    No, half sets are now available. A half set is done on the upper lashes with lashes being scattered along the entire upper lash line from the inner eye to the outer edge. Allow 45 minutes for a half set. Half sets are suited to people who have naturally thick and dark lashes, they are not suitable for fair lashed people or ladies who do not have many lashes.
  • Are the eyelash extensions glued to my skin?

    No, it is adhered approximately 1mm from the eyelid.
  • Is the eyelash glue and glue remover safe?

    Yes, in the right hands and having your extensions applied by some one who has been correctly trained it is safe. Beware of untrained people who claim they have been professionally trained with years experience. Because we specialize just in eyelash extensions we take great care to ensure that the adhesive and adhesive remover does not come in contact with the skin or eyes. The glue used is a high quality fast drying glue which does not give a clumped look. As the glue is being used around the delicate eye area it is important to only have eyelash extensions applied by a trained and qualified eyelash extensionist.
  • Are eyelash extensions suitable for everyone?

    Anyone of any age can have eyelash extensions applied as long as there is a natural lash to glue the extension onto. Ladies who have undergone chemotherapy and their lashes are starting to grow back also love eyelash extensions.

    Celebrities such as Britany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham all wear eyelash extensions. Because the eyelash extensions are so natural anyone could be wearing them and you wouldn't know. They are also suitable for people who wear contact lenses and glasses.


  • Why should I get eyelash extensions?

    • It will cut your beauty routine time down in the mornings
    • No running or streaking mascara
    • The good news is that eyelash extensions make you able to flutter your lashes beautifully without mascara
    • Lasts from 2-4 weeks with proper maintenance
    • No operation, no pain - non-invasive procedure
    • Safe in showers, swimming pools and saunas
    • Weightless and very natural looking
    • Eyelashes will appear longer, fuller and darker
    • Your eyes will look bigger, more defined & gorgeous even with no make up
    • Great for people who wear contact lenses
    • Perfect for brides, mums on the run and busy people
    • Ladies who can't wear mascara

  • How do I look after my eyelash extensions?

    • For the first 24 hours avoid getting the lashes wet to allow the glue to completely dry
    • Do not use a steam room or sauna for the first 48 hours to allow glue to cure
    • Be gentle and respect your new lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pick and play with your lashes
    • Resist the temptation to touch or pull at your stunning new lashes as this will pull out your own natural lashes
    • Avoid getting them caught on clothes and towels
    • When drying your face do not rub instead blot your face and apply a gently pressure to your closed eyes then allow the extensions to dry naturally. Don't try to dry them with the towel or hair dryer.
    • Do not perm or curl the extensions using a clamp eyelash curlers
    • Avoid wearing mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions
    • Do not use eye make-up remover that contains any type of oil products such as petroleum
    • Do keep the eye area clean. This is very important. Some ladies love their lashes so much they don't even want to get them wet at all. Avoiding proper hygiene can result in an eye infection whether wearing eyelash extensions or not
    • Try and sleep on your back to avoid crushing your extensions in the pillow

  • Is there any reason why I can't have eyelash extensions applied - Contra-Indications?

    It is suggested that if you are an "eye rubber" due to allergies such as hay fever, if rubbing your eyes is just a habit, in the past you have experienced sensitivity around the eye area after using skin care or makeup or generally having sensitivity around that area, the extensions may not suit you.

    If you use prescribed medicated eye drops or ointment this may coat the lashes and cause them to clump. Eyelash extensions cannot be applied to very curly eyelashes as it will be difficult to glue an extension on. However, if you are unsure please contact the spa to discuss it.

  • Can the eyelash extensions be removed?

    Yes, at any time for any reason they can be removed however there will be a removal charge. Refer to prices. The extensions are easily removed by using a glue remover and is safe and will cause no harm to your natural lashes.
  • I had eyelash extensions applied somewhere else and I am unhappy with them. Can they be fixed at Melange Spa?

    At Melange Spa our technicians prefer not to mix their work with other peoples work, so it is advised that you either have a consultation to assess previous work and your options, or allow your extensions to naturally come off.

    If your eyes are red and sore from the incorrectly applied eyelash extensions that were applied elsewhere, we would advise resting your eyes from extensions for approximately 3-4 weeks before having a professional set reapplied.

  • What should I do before my eyelash extension appointment?

    If you have extremely fair eyelashes it is recommended to have them tinted before your eyelash extension appointment, which we offer. Preferably arrive with no mascara and do not perm or curl your eyelashes before your eyelash extension appointment. If you wear contact lenses please bring your contact lens case, as your lenses will need to be removed.



  • Does the spraytan stain clothing?

    Since organic color pigment is not a stain or a dye, it will not permanently stain and will wash out of any synthetic material. It is recommended that you wear loose clothing after the spraytan.
  • How long will the tan last?

    The tan can last 5-10 days. This is dependent on frequency of exfoliation and products applied to lengthen the duration of the tan.
  • Will it wash off?

    Organic color is used for application. The instant bronze that is applied with the initial tan will rinse off but the spraytan once it has processed after 4 hours will remain 5-10 days.Dihydroxy (DHA) is what creates your tan. DHA is not permanent, so it will fade just as any suntan does, which is why a weekly application is recommended to maintain your tan.
  • Does swimming effect the the product?

    This product fades, but does not wash off. For the very best results, follow our instructions and apply the product at night and rinse the next morning. Do not swim immediately after application of the product; this would result in waste. Instead, swim after your morning rinse.
  • Are there harmful effects of this product?

    Tanning with a dihydroxy formulation is much safer than tanning for prolonged hours in the sun. FakeBake is very conscientious about safety, health and environmental issues. This is why they created an organically based product to ensure a safe tan and to promote healthy skin. No animal testing is done because it does not contain harmful ingredients that would have required extensive animal testing.
  • Can this product be used on the face?

    This product was designed for the entire body, including the face.
  • How long does it take to dry?

    Due to the different levels of moisture in each skin type, drying time will also vary slightly. Generally 20 minutes is sufficient time for the product to dry.